Karin Mugnaini photo by Sabine Leclerq Haanæs 2009

Karin Mugnaini

Half Italian, half Norwegian, raised and educated in the USA, Karin
has lived, worked and wandered around the globe.

The rich and fascinating impressions gleaned during her many journeys
inspired her to start her own business designing and selling fashion
accessories in Hong Kong over 10 years ago.

Often using unusual elements gathered during her voyages east and
west, north and south, Karin’s jewelry combines the extraordinary
and unexpected with the favorite and anticipated.

Her bijouterie is made with special beads, stones, flowers, shells,
charms, trinkets, strings and other interesting details.

Each treasure is carefully chosen with a particular season and
destination in mind, and its pieces are harmoniously combined to evoke
all kinds of wonderful discoveries, havens and sanctuaries.

Karin’s latest collections of resort jewelry are light and fresh, yet
timeless and versatile to be worn easily throughout the year wherever
you are. Every collection tells its special story and will take you on
your own remarkable journey.